Climate-Smart Water Use and Management

Enhancing Water and Land Productivity
Enhancing Water and Land Productivity

ICARDA's climate-smart water irrigation improves on-farm water use and management efficiency for higher water and land productivity. Integrated innovations include maximizing in-situ storage of water through conservation interventions, fine-tuning when and how to irrigate to produce "more yield per drop," and where and how to source water.

Our climate-smart irrigation options include:

  • Optimal irrigation using minimal water to grow crops profitably while reducing water waste;

  • Deficit irrigation to supply minimal water only at drought-sensitive growth stages;

  • Irrigation timing to balance plant needs with different day and seasonal evapotranspiration times;

  • Balancing water use against what can be grown in different soil fertility levels;

  • Responsive varieties and strategies to reduce water footprint, maximizing water productivity, and avoiding climate extremes.

Our water-saving technologies include water-harvesting and water-conservation techniques in rain-fed agriculture and exploring the safe use of treated wastewater to produce more feed, forage, and trees. We also advise on appropriate diversification of cropping systems in water-scarce environments and power alternatives for water circulation in off-grid settings.