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In the face of intensifying climate change, alongside land degradation, exponential population growth, and diminishing natural resources, ICARDA addresses critical challenges to strengthen the resilience of family farmers living in dry regions across dry regions in Africa, the Middle East, Southern Europe, and Asia. 

ICARDA advances scientific knowledge, shapes practices, and informs policy through three research domains:

Climate Smart Crops
ICARDA plays a critical role in the conservation, development, improvement, and dissemination of climate-resilient, market-driven crop varieties.
Integrated crop-livestock production systems cushion each sector from external pressure and optimize economic, social and environmental conditions.
Integrated crop-livestock production systems that help farmers cope with changing climate scenarios.
Conservation Agriculture
Delivering practical technologies and solutions to help smallholder farmers produce ‘more with less.’

Our research focuses on the needs and priorities of dryland smallholder farmers and the rural communities that depend on them for livelihoods. Our integrated packages of innovative solutions increase agricultural productivity and develop better market integration and economic growth while preserving natural resources.



ICARDA innovations help countries and communities strengthen their adaptation to climate change and transition towards food and nutritional security.

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Cross Cutting Themes

Our cross-cutting research supports our three research priorities to provide integrated packages that help farmers to implement our innovations and new approaches and allow them to flourish:


Our Experts

Our diverse scientists offer a broad range of specialized skills within multi-disciplinary teams that generate evidence-based solutions grounded in science and in-depth knowledge of the environments and countries within which we work.

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