Date Palm
Climate Smart Crop - Date Palm

ICARDA is developing date palm production systems by utilizing and fine-tuning available modern technology. Current research projects are designed to address problem-solving, including crop management and protection, water and soil management, digital augmentation, post-harvest technology, and germplasm conservation. ICARDA's capacity Development works on date palm technology transfer to local contexts, and capacity building to strengthen National Agricultural Research Systems' knowledge and understanding of the crop, and best practices in its cultivation, which are permanent items in ICARDA's Arabian Peninsula Regional Program R4D Agenda. 

Date palm is a key species in the dryland ecosystem and a major livelihood commodity throughout the Arabian Peninsula. In addition to its nutritional value, ICARDA promotes the crop as an important source of feed and fuel that can also be used as a building material in the construction of houses.

Date palm has been deeply rooted in the Middle East and North Africa region's economy, history, and culture since ancient times. The region produces 1.9 million tons of date palm, which represents 29 percent of the crop's global production and 33 percent of global date palm acreage. Regardless of the long history of date palm cultivation in the region, research efforts for the development of this important crop are insufficient.