Our Climate Smart Crops - Barley
Our Climate Smart Crops - Barley

Since 1977, ICARDA has released more than 250 barley varieties in 46 countries under CGIAR's Global Barley Breeding Program. The ICARDA genebank network and research stations in North Africa and West and South Asia test the new barley varieties for tolerance to diseases, drought, heat, and cold, as well as for precise end-use product classification.

ICARDA's barley program targets four main product lines:

  • Feed Barley for arid and semi-arid regions: high grain and straw productivity and stability in mild to severe drought conditions. ICARDA selects the barley lines in trials from the hot and dry semi-desertic regions of North Africa to the cold and dry West Asian highlands and the short, hot, and dry rabi season in central India.

  • Food and Fodder Barley: advanced drought tolerance and mostly hull-less genotypes combine high grain size and yield with enhanced quality for human nutrition (β-glucan, iron, and zinc content) and straw production.

  • Feed and Forage Barley for favorable environments: combining high grain and biomass production and disease resistance, with traits such as early vigor and regeneration capacity to be used for grazing.

  • Malt and Fodder Barley: combines malting quality in agreement with international industrial standards with disease and lodging resistance and high straw production.


New barley lines aligned to products lines can also be found in the ICARDA's International Nurseries.