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August 31, 2001

Japan has made an important contribution to restoring and rehabilitating degraded land in CWANA through its support to ICARDA’s work on the improvement of native pastures and rangelands, and the nutrition and management of small ruminants. Not only...

June 30, 2001

This issue of Caravan focuses on the use that ICARDA is making of information technologies to improve the lives of people in the world's dry areas. ICARDA uses different information technology tools such as expert systems, geographic information...

December 31, 2000

This issue of Caravan chronicles ICARDA’s efforts in developing a research strategy and a need-based research program for the CAC region. In doing so, ICARDA played a major role in bringing together all partners, most importantly donors. The article...

May 31, 2000

Germany possesses one of the world’s leading industrialized economies and has for many years been actively funding overseas development projects through the annual allocation of many millions of Deutschmarks.
Like all partnerships, there have been...