Wheat Improvement

Start Date
April 06, 2020
Training course
Rabat, Morocco

Purpose and objectives of the course:


To train young wheat breeders from CWANA and SSA regions in recent classical and molecular techniques of wheat breeding;


To increase working collaboration with NARS for more efficiency in wheat varietal development, release and promotion;



Type of training methodology/material used:


Lectures, Lab experiments, Field visits, Handouts, Manuals


Course Content and/or outline:


Module 1: Wheat origin and production


Module 2: Major wheat breeding objectives


Module 3: Methods and strategies


Module 4: Breeding tools (DH, speed breeding, genomic selection, marker assisted selection


Module 5: Breeding for quality


Module 6: Genotype x environment interactions


Module 7: Quality analysis in wheat


Module 8: Statistical software


Module 9:  Seed systems and technology out scaling


Recommended trainers names, specializations and short bios:


ICARDA’s wheat scientists + invited guest scientists


Targeted audience:

Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan + SSA countries


Other (specify):

Pre and post course assessments will be carried out for the trainees using written questions.