International Conference on Pulses the Climate Smart Crops: Challenges and Opportunities

Start Date
February 10, 2020

10-12 February 2019. Bhopal, India. International Conference on Pulses the Climate Smart Crops: Challenges and Opportunities

The Indian Society of Pulse Research and Development (ISPRD) in association with ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research (ICAR-IIPR), Kanpur under the patronage of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi organize an International Conference (ICPulse2020) on “Pulses the Climate Smart Crops: Challenges and Opportunities” at CIAE, Bhopal during February 10-12, 2020.

The Conference is an opportunity to scientists, researchers, policy makers, extension workers, traders and entrepreneurs to respond and discuss various challenges and issues; and the strategies both short-term and long-term to counter these as envisaged in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Conference will address long-term sustainability of global agricultural production system through diversification/intensification of crop/farming systems with pulses through an eco-friendly approach via massive germplasm exploration to inherit novel genes for crop improvement in term of widening the production base, enhancing the quality, insulation against major abiotic & biotic stresses, developing resilient legumes against unpredictable threats as projected by climatic change, scaling farm mechanization, post-harvest management and value addition.

The Conference also envisages to address the critical gaps in understanding the production constraints, issues of eradication of protein malnutrition for food deprived people, application of modern genetic tools and biotechnological interventions for pulses improvement and in-depth insight for underline principles of adaptation of pulses to diverse climatic condition. Policy issue, PPP, ICT and social networking including the need for critical support systems will be addressed in the conference sessions through discrete and unique theme areas.