Impact of Climate Change on Food Production In the Dry Areas

Start Date
September 03, 2022
General event
Mahalawy Auditorium, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University

             This hybrid webinar is organized by International Dryland Development Commission (IDDC), the Regional Action for Climate Change STS Japan (RACC), and the International Center for Agriculture Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA), Ain Shams University Arid Land Graduate Studies and Research Institute (ALARI), and Nizami Ganjavi International Center (NGIC). 

           The meeting focuses on dynamic assessment of the impact of climate change at local and regional level in different agro-ecological zones in the dry areas, and identifying strategies for adaptation to climate change, including development of coping and adaptive capacity through advanced science in changing genetic makeup and agromanagement techniques. In addition, it aims to identify the means of enhancing coping and adaptation capacity in communities living in the dry areas. A significant effort is required to translate into action the resolutions agreed upon by world leaders in various global conventions on Climate Change, as the lack of political will so far has increased the gap in the economic wellbeing between the people living in the industrialized and the developing nations, with serious ethical and spiritual dimensions in the face of changing climate. 

From ICARDA will participate:

  • Mr. Aly Abosabaa ICARDA’s Director General and CGIAR Regional Director CWANA- keynote speaker. 
  • Dr. Vinay Nangia Research Program Leader – Soil, Water, and Agronomy at ICARDA- lead presenter
  • Dr.Rania Gamal, Research Fellow, Irrigation & Water Management ICARDA, Cairo, Egypt- lead presenter