ICARDA at COP28 in Dubai

Start Date
November 30, 2023

ICARDA is sending a high-level delegation led by our Director General, Aly Abousabaa, to the World Climate Conference COP28 that is taking place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, 2023. The delegation will engage in over 20 events and emphasize the need for more international collaboration for a climate-smart transformation in food, land and water systems for enhanced global food security. ICARDA will advocate for increased global funding in agricultural research, highlighting initiatives like the Integrated Desert Farming Innovation Program, which ICARDA developed to transform deserts into productive agricultural areas with far-reaching positive impacts for farmers, local businesses and food security.

ICARDA will be hosting exciting side events some of which will take place at the Food & Agriculture Pavilion that is co-hosted by CGIAR, FAO, IFAD and the Rockefeller Foundation.  

COP28 Events Co-Hosted by ICARDA:

  • Transforming Drylands: Integrating Farming Innovations Towards Achieving the Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Climate Resilience in the MENA Region – Sunday, 3 December, 15:30 – 16:30 – Food Pavilion of CGIAR, FAO, IFAD, Rockefeller Foundation
  • Addressing Interlinked Challenges of Climate Change, Peace and Security in the Arab Region – Monday, 4 December, 16:45 – 17:45 – League of Arab States Pavilion
  • Role of Youth in Capacity Building and Policy Making for Climate Action in the Global South – Wednesday, December 6 – 15:30 – 16:30 – Food Pavilion of CGIAR, FAO, IFAD, Rockefeller Foundation
  • Cultivating Resilience: Communities, Fish and Drylands – Wednesday, 6 December, 16:45 – 18:30 – SE Room 8


ICARDA’s Delegation at COP28:

  • Aly Abousabaa - ICARDA Director General and CGIAR Regional Director for Central & Western Asia & Northern Africa (CWANA)
  • Neal Gutterson, ICARDA Board Chair
  • Michael Baum - ICARDA Deputy Director General & Research Team Leader
  • Roula Majdalani - ICARDA Senior Climate Change Adviser
  • Abdoul Aziz Niane, ICARDA Regional Coordinator of the Arabian Peninsula Research Program
  • Vinay Nangia - ICARDA Soils, Waters & Agronomy Research Team Leader 
  • Garrick Long, ICARDA Special Adviser to the Director General 
  • James Pursey – ICARDA Senior Communications Manager 
  • Mahmoud Khedr – ICARDA Partnerships & Engagement Officer