Geoinformatics Application in Agriculture and Resilience ‐Environmental Management using RS/GIS

Start Date
February 02, 2020
Training course
Amman, Jordan
  • Objective: To enhance the capacity of the NARS in geoinformatics science, technologies and in environmental management. 


  • Expected Output: Well-trained specialists in environmental management can able to apply the skills and knowledge to create, organize, manage GIS and RS data to serve agricultural research/projects and monitor environmental management in Iraq and regional countries.


  • Expected Outcome: Enhance research work efficiency and improve science quality of the NARS and relevant participating departments in utilizing spatial mapping, modelling and applications, which includes GIS remote sensing, cloud computing, use of ICTs such as smartphone/tablets, open source apps. to collect and aggregate ground truthing data. 


  • Course Duration and Suggested Date: 3 Weeks from Feb 2 to 20, 2019 


  • Course Venue: Ayyas Hotel, Amman, Jordan 


  • Type of Training Materials Used: Flash drive memory stick containing training manuals (soft copies in PDF, PowerPoint and MS-Word files), example datasets (vector, raster and Excel files), and related Open Source applications for hands-on practical sessions (e.g. QGIS, ODK Collect, etc.). 


  • Principal Contact: 
  1. Dr. Chandrashekhar Biradar, Head of Geoinformatics Unit, ICARDA, <[email protected]
  2. Dr. Ajit Govind, Climatologist at IWLMP, ICARDA, <[email protected]
  3. Ms. Layal Atassi, GIS Lab Manager at Geoinformatics Unit, ICARDA <[email protected]>  
  4. Mr. Khaled Al-Shamaa, Research Database Manager and Senior Analyst at GU, ICARDA <[email protected]>  
  5. Ms. Mira Haddad, Senior Research Assistant, Spatial Analysis and Database Management, WLEP, ICARDA <[email protected]


  • Participants - Target Training Audience: 10 specialists (8 Iraqi + 2 from region countries) who are in charge to collect, organize, maintain, and distribute geographical data at the national level. 


  • Language: Arabic/English (i.e. mainly lectures in Arabic, and course materials in English) 


  • Funding Sources: JICA