EU-North-African Conference on Organic Agriculture

Start Date
November 11, 2019
Marrakesh Morocco

November 11-12. Marrakesh Morocco EU-North-African Conference on Organic Agriculture.

Objectives of the conference:

  • Merge a critical mass of scientific capacity and skills from Europe and Africa, to deliver sustainable solutions by working at practical and theoretical level;
  • Bring together high profiled scientists from both continents to discuss issues about organic inputs, innovation, organic research funding, ethics and address recommendations to relevant certification and regulation bodies;
  • Address and confront African potentials to expand traditional organic agriculture in terms of genetic, agro-climatic and sociocultural diversity;
  • Strengthen the "Organic Alternatives for Africa" initiative and to facilitate the integration of OA into strategic policies and the agricultural development program
  • Discuss how OA in Africa can be further developed as a sustainable and reliable model to ensure food safety for all, in the framework of the AAA Initiative following the COP22 recommendations (Marrakech, Morocco 2016)
  • Discuss the main question raised from the conference title: How can research contribute to bridge the current gap between Africa and Europe, with respect to organic agriculture?