Dr. Filippo Bassi will deliver a Keynote Speech on wheat farming in Nigeria

Start Date
March 26, 2021
General event
Olam Webinar
Olam Webinar














ICARDA’s award winning senior scientist, and durum wheat breeding program leader Dr. Filippo Bassi is to give a keynote speech at The Olam Green Land’s upcoming webinar on March 26.

The webinar, titled “Deepening the wheat farming development programme in Nigeria through innovation, increasing investments, and collaborations,” is run by Olam grain, a leading food and agribusiness conglomerate, which supports Nigeria’s government, policymakers, and industry leaders achieve wheat self-sufficiency and food security.

Dr. Bassi will address the current challenges and opportunities related to wheat farming development in Nigeria, and examine the main interventions spearheaded by different institutions.

Dr. Bassi is the recipient of the OLAM Prize for Innovation in Food Security 2017 for the release of heat-tolerant durum wheat varieties in the Senegal River Basin.

The webinar will take place on March 26 at 11am (GMT + 1)


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