Designing Climate Smart Agricultural Systems for a Sustainable Transformation of the Agri-food Systems of the Dry Areas

Start Date
October 30, 2022
General event
Marrakech (Morocco)
fsd7 morocco
fsd7 morocco

This workshop (FSD7-2022 Workshop) is part of the Farming Systems Design 7 program (FSD7) in which, for reasons linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the FSD7 symposium initially planned in March 2021 in Tunisia has been replaced by a series of webinars in March 2021  (see the proceedings).

The FSD7-2022 workshop is an important milestone in the road to the FSD8 Symposium in the fall of 2024 which will be in Christchurch New Zealand (chair : Paolo Gregorini, Lincoln University).

The FSD7-2022 Workshop is organized by the FSD international network through the FSD7 Scientific Committee, in partnership with Moroccan institutions (IAV, UM6P, INRA, ENA Meknes, Ministry of agriculture…) and with international institutions based in Morocco (ICARDA) and in Montpellier (IAMM-CIHEAM and L’Institut Agro).