ARC / ICARDA annual meeting

Start Date
September 08, 2022
ARC, Giza, Egypt

        The annual meeting between ARC and ICARDA on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at ARC, Giza, Egypt. This is the last year of the current three-year phase (2020–2022).
This phase was focused on three components:

  • Improving wheat
  • Barley
  • Legume production

In addition to improving water productivity as a cross-cutting activity across all three components.  

  1. Aly Abousabaa (ICARDA), Director general 

  2. Mohammad Soliman; ARC president  

  3. Shireen Assem (ARC), Vice president for research 

  4. Michael Baum (ICARDA) DDG-R 

  5. Rida Kamber, director of Field Crop Research Institute, ARC 

  6. McRae, Mary Margaret (ICARDA), Head of Partnerships and Resource Mobilization 

  7. Aladdin Hamwieh (ICARDA), Regional Coordinator for the Nile Valley program 

  8. Rehab Abdelrahman (ARC), legume breeder  

  9. Maalouf, Fouad (ICARDA), Faba bean breeder  

  10. Degu, Wuletaw Tadesse (ICARDA), Wheat breeder  

  11. Sherif Thabet (ARC), Director of Sids station, and wheat breeder 

  12. Hiba Gomaa (ARC), head of Barley department 

  13. Khairy Amer (ARC), barley breeder 

  14. Sanchez Garcia, Miguel (ICARDA), Barley breeder  

  15. Vinay Nangia (ICARDA), Head of water research program  

  16. Mohie El Din Omar (ICARDA), Scientist (water research)  

  17. Shiv Agrawal Kumar, Legume coordinator 

  18. Zewdie Bishaw (ICARDA), Head of seeds multiplication program 

  19. Sawsan Hassan (ICARDA), Scientist, Rangeland Ecology and Forages 

  20. Mounir Louhaichi (ICARDA), Research Team Leader of Rangeland Ecology and Forages