Deployment of Food Legume Technologies in Ethiopia: Achievements and Lessons Learned

Published Date
November 30, 2022
Deployment of Food Legume Technologies in Ethiopia: Achievements and Lessons Learned
Zewdie Bishaw
Adamu Molla Tiruneh

This BOOK is the outcome of the collaborative endeavors of diverse partners and stakeholders addressing the challenges of seed systems and scaling faba bean and chickpea innovations in Ethiopia. It is the second of two BOOKs which focuses on faba bean and chickpea, the first being on malt barley. Pulses play a significant role in the integrated crop-livestock farming systems in Ethiopia and provide multiple benefits to the smallholder farmers for farming systems productivity and sustainability. Scaling pulse crops innovations can make significant contributions to food and nutritional security, economic growth, social wellbeing, and environmental sustainability. The book, Deployment of Legume Technologies in Ethiopia: Achievements and Lessons Learned, provides a synthesis of the research for development activities and rich experiences gained across the country in scaling faba bean and chickpea technologies through effective partnership with broad range of stakeholders operating from federal to regional, zonal and district levels: federal Ministry of Agriculture and regional Bureaus of Agriculture; the federal and regional agricultural research institutes; the federal and regional public seed enterprises; seed producer cooperatives or farmer seed producer groups; and faba bean and chickpea farmers. The experiences and knowledge gained are put in context aimed at decision-makers, not only in Ethiopia but in other developing countries for wider application and spillovers. The book provides useful insights to policy makers, researchers, students, development practitioners and donors involved in international development for generating and moving technologies out to the farmers’ fields.

Zewdie Bishaw, Adamu Molla Tiruneh. (30/11/2022). Deployment of Food Legume Technologies in Ethiopia: Achievements and Lessons Learned. Beirut, Lebanon: International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).
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