VIRTUAL WEBINAR – Political Economy of Wheat in Türkiye 

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October 20, 2021
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ICARDA Communication Team
Political Economy of the Wheat Sector
Political Economy of the Wheat Sector

VIRTUAL WEBINAR – Political Economy of Wheat in Türkiye
Seed Systems, varietal adoption, impacts

17th November 2021
10:00 – 13:50 <UTC+03:00>
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ICARDA and TAGEM are pleased to announce a webinar to discuss the outcomes of a new book on the political economy of the wheat sector in Türkiye: seed systems, varietal adoption, and impacts


The new book focuses on the seed value chain in the Turkish wheat sector. It is co-authored by several national and international experts such as Drs. Zewdie Bishaw, Yigezu A. Yigezu, Mesut Keser,  Abdoulaziz Niane, Mufit Engiz, and Mr. Murat Kucukcongar, commanding a wealth of experience in seed system analysis. The book covers wheat variety development, seed production, and marketing to varietal adoption and impacts continuum and discusses important questions about the Turkish seed sector.

In the virtual webinar scheduled to take place on November 17, 2021, the book authors will present the findings of their studies to inform the following Q&A session. Ample discussion time is provided within the webinar for the authors and audience to debate critical and constructive points of view on the strengths, limitations, and gaps in the book and possible suggestions for incorporation in the final planned version.



Wednesday 17 November 2021 10:00 – 13:50 (UTC+03:00)

Time (Ankara time)




10:00 – 10:10


Dr. Michael Baum, DDG ICARDA

Dr. Hasan Gezginc Dept. Head, TAGEM

Dr. Zewdie Bishaw

10:11 – 10:20

Overview of the project/book

Dr. Mesut Keser

10:21 – 10:35

Wheat in Türkiye

Dr. Mustafa Kan

10:36 – 10:50

Variety development and release

Dr. Mesut Keser

10:51 – 11:05

Seed production and marketing

Mr. Murat Kucukcongar

11:06 – 11:20

Seed  certification and variety protection

Dr. Mufit Engiz

11::21 – 11:35

Wheat variety adoption and impacts

Dr. Yigezu A. Yigezu

11:36 – 12:00

Lessons learned and way forward

Dr. Zewdie Bishaw

Dr. Aziz Niane

12:01- 13:45



Dr. Zewdie Bishaw

13:45 – 13:50


Dr. Mesut Keser



(English-Turkish-English simultaneous interpretation will be provided)






From its beginning in the 1930s, the wheat seed sector in Türkiye has seen considerable changes over the years. While most of these were incremental over time, some were radical. The most significant transformation was a sharp increase over the last 20 years in private sector participation in wheat variety registration and certified seed production. These changes are attributed to the policy changes and structural transformation that led to Türkiye’s seed sector liberalization. Specific laws introduced a regulatory framework that encouraged private sector investment in agriculture in general and specifically in the seed sector.



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