Published Date
October 20, 2022
Published by
ICARDA Communication Team

The development and distribution of ICARDA's climate-smart durum wheat varieties began more than 40 years ago, resulting in their successful adoption by numerous countries and enhancing hundreds of farmers' food and nutrition security. However, these achievements have only been possible by working within the vibrant and united durum wheat research community, from which ICARDA has incorporated many innovations into our research and development. Every year, at the international conference From Seed to Pasta, the research community, government stakeholders, the private sector, and farmers' associations meet to share the latest news, knowledge, and developments.

Seed to Pasta's 4th edition is taking place between October 26th – 29th, 2022, bringing together over 300 scientists from over 30 countries. The event takes place every four years in Bologna, the region in Italy globally known for its commercial pasta production. 

After two years of COVID-19 social distancing, this year's participation in this event is already better than ever. Acknowledging the importance of the event, ICARDA has made a significant economic investment, supporting this year as a Gold Sponsor, and covering the cost of 15 early and mid-career participating scientists from the developing World. ICARDA is also extremely proud to sponsor the participation of four talented female developing-world scientists selected by the Carlotta Award committee to participate in this conference. The Carlotta Award recognizes promising young women in science.

With so many respected scientists and key industry players' interventions for four days packed with exciting presentations and interactions, along with numerous friends and colleagues, ICARDA believes this year's Seed to Pasta event will be one that will undoubtedly shape the durum wheat research agenda for years to come.

ICARDA scientists with fellow participants in FSTP3 in 2018