Veronique Alary
Agro-Economist - CIRAD

Dr. Véronique Alary has over twenty years of research experience in household viability, risk management, and vulnerability in the rural areas of several developing countries (Cameroon, India, Mali, Tunisia, and Egypt). She completed her Ph.D. in economics at the University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne, and a post-doc diploma habilitation in 2008 through the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

After joining ICARDA in Cairo in 2009 she coordinated research projects examining the role livestock play in resilience and climate change adaptation in the Mediterranean region (ELVULMED 2011-2015 and CLIMED 2012-2016). Dr. Alary also coordinated projects on milk value chains (DAIRY 2012-2015 and SIADEEP 2014-2017), and her work mobilized different approaches and tools (empirical data collection, typology, and programming model). Based at ICARDA’s research hub in Rabat since 2015, she is now researching camel breeding in modern Saharan societies through analyses at farm and territorial levels.

Veronique Alary's Publications

Assessing the sustainability of livestock socio-ecosystems in the drylands through a set of indicators
Heterogeneity of Resilience of Livelihood Strategies in Pastoral and Agropastoral Farming Systems of Rural Semi-arid to Arid Areas in Morocco
Better Crop-Livestock Integration for Enhanced Agricultural System Resilience and Food Security in the Changing Climate: Case Study from Low-Rainfall Areas of North Africa
Social Network Analysis of the Stakeholders Involved in the Dromedary Sector in the Mediterranean Region
Toward territorialised dairy inclusive businesses: insights from an Egyptian case study: making dairy businesses inclusive
The Contribution of Mobile Pastoral Herds to Soil Fertility Maintenance in Sedentary Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems at Farm and Territory Scales—Part of Mutually Reinforcing Social and Ecological Relationships Supporting Sustainability
Journal Article
April 20, 2021

Agricultural development through settlement schemes on desert lands has always raised
acute debates, especially over environmental issues due to cultivation based on intensive
additions of water and fertilizers. However, nutrient cycling approaches...

An empirical approach of past and present mobility management in the desert societies of camel breeders in South Eastern Morocco
Dataset for describing the diversity of household farming systems and the degree of crop-livestock diversification and integration in the Western part of Nile valley (Egypt)
Multi-criteria assessment of the sustainability of farming systems in the reclaimed desert lands of Egypt
Food Security, Poverty and Diversification: Relative Contribution of Livestock Activities on Small-scale Farms in Egypt
Financements et activités des Femmes en milieu rural au maroc
Journal Article
December 12, 2019

Cet article vise à évaluer la contribution matérielle et immatérielle des femmes rurales dans le cadre de la petite agriculture des arrière-pays du Maroc et notamment les contraintes qu’elles rencontrent pour dépasser les difficultés d’accès aux...

SWOT Analysis of traditional skimmed milk chain around greater Cairo
Characterization of Buffalo Veal Supply Chain in Villages around Cairo
Atlas of the traditional milk sector around greater Cairo in Egypt اطلس للقطاع التقليدي لانتاج وتوزيع الالبان ومنتاجاتها حول القاهرة الكري في مصر
Adaptability and suitability of local cattle breeds in Egypt: Farmers and actors’ perceptions and practices of the cattle value chain