Rania Gamal
Senior Research Assistant - Land and Water Management

Dr. Rania Gamal is a Senior Research Assistant - Soil, Water, and Agronomy at ICARDA. She received her Ph.D. in Water Resources Management from Department of Bio Systems Engineering, Arid Land Agricultural Research Institute (ALARI), Ain Shams University in 2022 and MSc in Irrigation Water Management from Ain Shams University, Egypt in 2016. Her PhD, MSc, and projects at ICARDA focused on improving sustainability of water resources and intensifying and diversifying farming systems. Climate-Smart agricultural projects in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia through field measurements of actual crop Evapotranspiration for Remote sensing (RS-ET) validation in NENA region. She is doing research on water-use efficiency and water productivity assessments, crop production gabs in CWANA initiative, improving irrigation systems, water saving techniques, soil quality and fertility management, water conservation, water accounting and water auditing and association mapping of elite spring bread wheat genotypes under different irrigation systems. She worked as research assistant at Agricultural Engineering research Institute of ARC. Then she worked as research assistant and lecturer at the Arid Lands Agricultural Research Institute (ALARI), Ain Shams University. From 2019 to 2022, she worked as PhD Research Fellow - Soil, Water and Agronomy of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, (ICARDA). Since 2023, She work as Senior Research Assistant - Soil, Water and Agronomy team of ICARDA, Land and Water Management In 2022, She awarded innovation prize in Agriculture domain from Ain Shams University, In 2023, She awarded prize as one of the most inspiring women at Ain Shams University. She works on applied research, from uncovering innovative research topics to implementation for the benefit of communities including growers, water user associations and water planners. Her work goes beyond the biophysical aspects to include socioeconomics and environmental concerns to enhance rural community livelihoods. She has considerable experience on extension and dissemination of research-based knowledge and scaling out of research results to relevant stakeholders.