Mesut Keser
Country Manager - Turkey

Dr. Mesut Keser is a wheat breeder who specializes in winter and facultative wheat. Before joining ICARDA, he worked with Turkey’s national agricultural research system, where his team developed 19 cultivars (14 bread wheat, three durum wheat, and two triticale varieties), which were subsequently distributed widely across Turkey. 

Dr. Keser joined ICARDA’s Turkey office in 2007 where he serves as country manager and breeder for the International Winter Wheat Improvement Program (IWWIP). The material developed in IWWIP has been distributed to over 100 collaborators in 40 countries. Dr. Keser regularly contributes to peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings

Mesut Keser's Publications

Bio-economic analysis of dual-purpose management of winter cereals in high and low input production systems
Genetic gains in wheat in Turkey: winter wheat for dryland conditions
Genotype by environment interaction effects on plant height of wheat genotypes carrying rht 8 dwarfing gene
Breeding progress for yield in winter wheat genotypes targeted to irrigated environments of the CWANA region