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Joram Mwacharo's Publications

Genome variation in tick infestation and cryptic divergence in Tunisian indigenous sheep
BoLA‑DRB3 gene haplotypes show divergence in native Sudanese cattle from taurine and indicine breeds
Ethiopian indigenous goats offer insights into past and recent demographic dynamics and local adaptation in sub-Saharan African goats
Genome-wide insights on gastrointestinal nematode resistance in autochthonous Tunisian sheep
Expression characteristics of pineal miRNAs at ovine different reproductive stages and the identification of miRNAs targeting the AANAT gene
Historical Introgression from Wild Relatives Enhanced Climatic Adaptation and Resistance to Pneumonia in Sheep
Whole-Genome Sequence Data Suggest Environmental Adaptation of Ethiopian Sheep Populations
Genome-Wide Analysis Revealed Homozygosity and Demographic History of Five Chinese Sheep Breeds Adapted to Dierent Environments
Estimates of genetic parameters and trends for reproduction traits in Bonga sheep, Ethiopia
Paternal Origins and Migratory Episodes of Domestic Sheep
Journal Article
October 19, 2020

The domestication and subsequent global dispersal of livestock are crucial events in human history, but the migratory episodes during the history of livestock remain poorly documented [1, 2, 3]. Here, we first developed a set of 493 novel ovine SNPs...

Community-based sheep breeding programs generated substantial genetic gains and socioeconomic benefits
Editorial: Why Livestock Genomics for Developing Countries Offers Opportunities for Success
Individual variability among autochthonous sheep in Northern Tunisia to infection by abomasum nematodes and Babesia/Theileria parasites
Whole-genome resequencing of wild and domestic sheep identifies genes associated with morphological and agronomic traits
Increased number of large non‐atretic follicles and co‐dominance effects account for high litter sizes in Bonga sheep
Genome‑wide scans identify known and novel regions associated with prolifcacy and reproduction traits in a sub‑Saharan African indigenous sheep (Ovis aries)
Characteristics of the BMP7 Promoter in Hu Sheep
Journal Article
November 01, 2019

The BMP7 gene is involved in the growth and development of hair follicles but its regulation mechanism is unclear. We studied the regulation mechanism of the BMP7 promoter by cloning the proximal promoter of BMP7 for bioinformatics analysis. A series...

Indigenous knowledge, practices and preferences in control of gastrointestinal nematodes in Bonga and Horro sheep of Ethiopia
Livestock Genomics for Developing Countries – African Examples in Practice
Genetic diversity and matrilineal genetic origin of fat-rumped sheep in Ethiopia
Genome-Wide Variation, Candidate Regions and Genes Associated With Fat Deposition and Tail Morphology in Ethiopian Indigenous Sheep
Population structure, genetic diversity and selection signatures within seven indigenous Pakistani goat populations
Genetic diversity and population structure of Theileria parva in South Sudan
Genetic diversity and structure of goats within an early livestock dispersal area in Eastern North Africa
Multiple genomic signatures of selection in goats and sheep indigenous to a hot arid environment
Genetic diversity and structure in Egyptian indigenous sheep populations mirror patterns of anthropological interactions