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November 12, 2016

Climate change poses a significant threat to dryland agriculture – and millions of farmers are already challenged by rising temperatures, water scarcity, and the emergence of new pests and diseases.

November 11, 2016

Farmers in dryland countries are already hard-hit by climate change – with many forced to contend with increasingly erratic rainfall, more frequent drought, extreme temperatures, shifting climatic

November 10, 2016

In an effort to conserve scarce water resources and stabilize wheat production, the ‘Enhancing Food Security in Arab Countries’ initiative is promoting more efficient irrigation systems. The systems

November 09, 2016

Poor understanding of the dynamics of climate change often prevents the development of sound adaptation strategies. An ICARDA assessment in Central Asia is changing this - providing the information

November 09, 2016

A new high-yielding, pest-resistant variety of malt barley has the potential to revolutionize Ethiopia’s barley sector, helping to meet growing domestic demand, boost export earnings, and

November 09, 2016

 An improved surface irrigation technique is offering farmers a practical and more sustainable alternative to conventional irrigation systems which tend to be highly inefficient and waste already-

November 09, 2016

In the highlands of Ethiopia ICARDA efforts to reverse land degradation and strengthen community adaptation to climate change promise multiple benefits for rural communities. Lessons learned here

November 09, 2016

 Breeding resistant wheat varieties offers a practical defense against the effects of climate change – helping to maintain productivity and strengthen food security despite increasing water scarcity

November 08, 2016

An important bottleneck for many developing countries as they try to strengthen national food security and tackle threats from epidemics and pests is the insufficient flexibility or performance of

November 02, 2016

A conversation with Aly Abousabaa, ICARDA’s new Director General. A vision of how ICARDA’s science and expertise will help drylands countries improve people’s livelihoods. Aly Abousabaa took over as

October 30, 2016

 As climate change increases the risk of crop failure, how do we encourage farmers to invest more in their productive capacity? One potential strategy is the promotion of index-based insurance

October 29, 2016

 Across the dry areas of the world, Conservation Agriculture (CA) – the practice of not plowing farmlands and leaving crop residue in the field for improved soil fertility and water conservation – is