Stefan Martin Strohmeier

Stefan Martin Strohmeier
Scientist - Restoration Initiative on Dryland Ecosystems

Dr. Stefan Strohmeier is associate scientist for soil and water conservation with a focus on watershed management and modeling. His current research interests include the assessment of environmental – water and soil dynamic – processes at the field and watershed scale; watershed management; merging field experiments with modeling; and conducting risk and uncertainty assessments of human interventions, particularly soil and water conservation activities.

He has authored dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles, and has written several book chapters and conference papers on mitigating land degradation and improving livelihoods. Dr. Strohmeier holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (“BOKU” University), Vienna, Austria, where he also worked as a researcher.

Stefan Martin Strohmeier's Publications

Modelling the impact of soil and water conservation structures at various scales in Tunisian semi-arid region
Evaluation of bench terracing model parameters transferability for runoff and sediment yield on catchment modelling
Managing Scarce Water Resources in the Drylands of West Asia and North Africa: Review of Joint Research between ICARDA and Japanese Researchers
The micro-catchment water harvesting-based rehabilitation ameliorated soil microbial abundance, diversity and function in a degraded dryland
Rehabilitation of degraded rangelands in Jordan: The effects of mechanized micro water harvesting on hill-slope scale soil water and vegetation dynamics
Surface Runoff and Drought Assessment Using Global Water Resources Datasets - from Oum Er Rbia Basin to the Moroccan Country Scale
Prediction of soil and water conservation structure impacts on runoff and erosion processes using SWAT model in the Northern Ethiopian highlands
Impact of stone bunds on temporal and spatial variability of soil physical properties: a field study from northern Ethiopia
Effect of nitrogen fertilizer rate and timing on sorghum productivity in Ethiopian highland Vertisols
Parameterization of the Effect of Bench Terraces on Runoff and Sediment Yield by Swat Modelling in a Small Semi-Arid Watershed in Northern Tunisia
Performance of frequently used interpolation methods to predict spatial distribution of selected soil properties in an agricultural watershed in Ethiopia
Modeling streamflow and sediment using SWAT in Ethiopian Highlands
Assessment of gully erosion using conventional field measurements: A case study from northern Ethiopia
Linking Selected Soil Properties to Land Use and Hillslope  – A Watershed Case Study in the Ethiopian Highlands
Magnitude and Occurrence Probability of Soil Loss: a Risk Analytical Approach for the Plot Scale for Two Sites in Lower Austria
Monitoring surface run-off and soil erosion processes
Book Chapter
August 11, 2015

Within the ‘Unlocking the potential of rainfed agriculture in Ethiopia for improved rural livelihoods’ (UNPRA) project, the University of Natural
Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria (BOKU) research focuses on the establishment of a...

Assessment of current land use and potential soil and water conservation measures on surface run-off and sediment yield
Spatial Variability of Selected Soil Attributes under Agricultural Land Use System in a Mountainous Watershed, Ethiopia